Our Projects

Lower Deer Creek Restoration and Flood Management Plan

This project (the “Flood Project”) has been a labor of collaboration and dedication for over twenty years. Created in response to the devastating flooding of 1997, it is our master project for the lower watershed, and provides increased flood protection for the community and enhances stream and riparian habitat by using key elements such set back levees, flood easements, and irrigation system improvements. Current funding covers environmental documentation (NEPA and CEQA) in preparation for permitting and implementation.  Our current project is based on the 2011 Lower Deer Creek Restoration and Flood Management Feasibility Study and Conceptual Design, available at the bottom of this page. *Please note that the following description contains proposed elements for environmental documentation only. Not all elements have been finalized.* 

Information on this project is available in the downloads section at the bottom of this page. More information can also be found at:

Small Communities Flood Risk Reduction Program

While completing the feasibility study for the above Flood Project, it became clear that much of the flooding that occurred in the community of Vina was driven by the Sacramento River rather than Deer Creek. Because that project was restricted by watershed, we were unable to pursue solutions to those flooding issues. We are excited to announce that we have applied for Small Communities Flood Risk Reduction Program to address those issues; this project will generate a feasibility study and recommended alternatives for the community of Vina regardless of the source of the flood waters.