Our People

Membership and Support

 Our membership has two tiers: voting and associate. Voting members are those who own land within the watershed and are directly impacted by its management.  Associate members may be individuals from resource management agencies, other non profits, or anyone concerned with the health of the Deer Creek Watershed. 

Board of Directors

Our Board od Directors is selected annually by and from our voting members. The 2017 Board is:

  • Fred Hamilton, Hamilton Ranch
  • Darrell Wood, Wood Ranch
  • Julie Kelley, Sierra Pacific Industries
  • Bother Steven, Abbey of New Clairvaux
  • Brooke Hencratt, Berens Ranch
  • Jo Cunningham, Landowner
  • Herb Moniz, Deer Creek Irrigation District
  • Mike Wallace, Stanford Vina Irrigation Company

Staff and Partners

We work with a range of talented staff, subcontractors, and partners including:

  • Amber Wolverton, DCWC Staff
  • Tamara Miller, MPM Engineering
  • Paul Brunner, Brunner Engineering
  • FlowWest, LLC
  • Trout Unlimited
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Northwest Hydraulic Consultants, Inc.
  • Tehama Environmental Solutions, Inc.
  • Tehama County Public Works Dept.